Let’s restore the springs in Baikal!

On the service we launched an initiative to raise funds for our “Let’s Restore the Springs at Baikal” program. Since 2008 we have developed valuable resources—near the city of Irkutsk, at Baikal, and on Olkhon Island. And next summer we plan to continue our work on the restoration of the springs in the village of Zurtsagan in Irkutsk Oblast.

We are tasked with studying the local springs, clearing them and creating an environmental tourism infrastructure around them. In order to make the project happen, we are gathering funds, which will go towards:
- a preliminary survey of the grounds for planning purposes
- hiring specialists (hydrologist, chemist, soil scientist)
- materials and work equipment
- food and accommodation for volunteers
- transportation for tools and workers to and from the site
- seedlings for planting

Support our project at this link:

Together, let’s restore Baikal’s springs!