Watering the swamps

From October 15 to 29, an employee of the BBT organization Roman Chubakov took part in Greenpeace training and practical work programs on watering peat bogs. In the Tver region, in the village of Redkino, the construction of a dam was carried out by specialists and volunteers. Around this village in the 60-80s peat was mined. Today everything is abandoned, there are channels that are overgrown with reeds and birches. Accordingly, drained peat bogs periodically burn, which constantly poses a threat to holiday villages and SNT, literally 2 km away. To implement such a fire prevention measure, a number of equipment is needed that must be managed: Shovels to throw a lot of land; Chainsaw in case you need to get rid of a fallen tree; And also a special technique - small all-terrain vehicles-excavators for transporting land in difficult areas. The work is difficult, but the only danger is that you can fall into a channel with liquid peat under a floating pillow of plants, since you often have to walk on it like a water mattress. We thank the Fire Department Greenpeace of Russia for the invitation!