Hurray for Summer Projects!

Friends, we are glad to announce that applications to join a summer project are now open! There are not as many as usual, but nonetheless.

There will be projects in the following places:
3 projects in the Pribaikalskii National Park
2 projects in the Baikalskii Nature Reserve
2 projects on the Olkhinskii Plateau
and even 1 project on Sakhalin island!
Duration: from 3 to 14 days
Age of participants: from 18 to 65 years old

What work to expect:
Construction and maintenance of ecological footpaths on the territory of national parks, nature reserves, and forests.

Cost of participation:
Day projects on the Olkhinskii Plateau – 2000 roubles
Sakhalin project – 8500 roubles
8/10 day projects on Baikal – 10,000 roubles

To apply for a project, follow this link. Choose your preferred project and fill out the form.

We are very happy to be accepting applications for volunteers again. You are our driving force. A busy summer season and lots of work awaits us.

In the near future, we will release more information about what to expect on the projects, how to prepare for them, and what to bring with you.

Since the borders between countries were closed and international travel remains difficult, we do not expect foreign volunteers this season and have not translated current projects into English. But if you are ready to come and join one of our projects, please write to us: