360 minutes

On September 7, a large team of specialists and volunteers of the BBT Association took part in organizing and conducting the environmental campaign En + Group “360”, which took place on Lake Baikal. This year, the action expanded its format: volunteers traditionally removed garbage, as well as set up picnic areas and built an ecotropy plot. Which one? Of course, BBT, in the section from Bolshoi Goloustnoye towards Peschanaya Bay. Other points of the action: Buguldeyka, Shirokaya Bay and Shcheglovka Pad on the banks of the Angara. The Great Baikal Trail has been participating in the 360 ​​campaign since 2013 as curators of remote points. The organization of such events is a huge, tremendous work, and we thank En + Group for entrusting us with such responsibility. In turn, we are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and take on our common cause every year. For the ninth time, En + Group holds the traditional September campaign "360". Since 2011, 144,000 people took part in this large-scale volunteer project, which collected 4.5 thousand tons of garbage. At one time, En + Group launched a trend for large-scale volunteer cleaning of natural territories, and it is very important that this initiative was supported by volunteers, public organizations, authorities and, most importantly, regional municipalities, which themselves collect volunteers and go to garbage collection. The 360 ​​promotion is part of the En + Group’s large comprehensive year-round program, Nature with the + Sign. The company believes that the development of adequate infrastructure is one of the surest ways to preserve nature in such tourist centers as Lake Baikal. Therefore, this year the action includes not only cleaning, but also the construction of a hiking trail, as well as the installation of picnic tourist areas. This will allow 360 volunteers to try new formats of volunteering on Lake Baikal. Promotion website: Official Pages: Official event hashtag: # promotion360
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