Results “With a backpack along the trail”

All summer we actively walked with a backpack along the trail. And now is the time to take stock: 263 children know exactly how to behave in the forest and understand how long the trees grew, among which we walk. The participants from our walks were guys from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Tulun, Tankhoy and Severobaikalsk. Younger children 7-10 years old were the most zealous and attentive. And older 11-14 years are the most resourceful and active. We fell 3 times in the rain, 1 time completely wet, but always remained awake and in a good mood. Now each of our participants has his own tree, which he can find even with his eyes closed! But the most pleasant thing was to observe how the guys diligently explore and examine each part of the forest. They rejoiced at their discoveries and asked many questions. We believe that they will be able to learn a lot more and truly protect nature. We thank our large team that helped to implement this project: create workbooks, order all materials, organize every event, take it, take a picture and support !!! Thank you very much!!! We express special gratitude to the Lake Baikal Foundation for the opportunity to conduct such classes for children from different parts of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia.