Expeditions along the GBT and project “ON TRAIL”

The GBT Association has signed a cooperative agreement with the travel-blogger Sergey Nakonechny.

We are launching two new projects at once: an educational expedition and a new GBT tourism cluster.

An educational expedition will take place from August 8-12, 2021 along the route Listvyanka - Bolshiye Koti - Bolshoy Kadilny Cape - Bolshoe Goloustnoe- Podkamen border. The program includes an introductory course in trail building. This service will be available to a wide range of people next year by pre-order at

The new GBT tourist cluster consists of hiking 56 km of the GBT trails and obtaining the appropriate certificate and medal. The project is called ON TRAIL and is designed to popularize domestic tourism, promote a healthy lifestyle and support GBT.

Project objectives:
1. Popularization of a healthy lifestyle and improvement of health
2. Environmental education of people
3. Development of domestic tourism
4. Contribution to the development and support of the oldest eco-trail on Lake Baikal
What each participant of the ON TRAIL project receives:
1. Testing yourself
2. Physical activity in the fresh air
3. Improvement of health
4. Familiarity with the nature of the Pribaikal region
5. Environmental education
6. Impressions of camping life
7. Three days alone with Baikal without huge crowds of people
8. Medal and certificate of completion
9. Contribution to the support of the Great Baikal Trail

Members of the expedition:
* Roman Mikhailov, specialist in trail construction of the Great Baikal Trail
* - Sergey Nakonechny, traveler and video-blogger

Sergey will be the first to participate in this project. Upon completion of the expedition and the ON TRAIL project, he will receive a certificate of completion for the introductory course in trail building, a certificate of trail passage and a medal. If you have any questions about participating in the ON TRAIL project, write to

More detailed information about the cluster and the ON TRAIL project will appear on our website at the end of August.

Sergey Nakonechny
"Traveler of 55,200 km with a backpack"
Author of the book "THE TRAIL OF THE BLACK WOLF"
Member of the Writers' Union of the Russian Federation
Public figure of the Russian Federation