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BBT and Lake Baikal Foundation
The head of the Council of the Interregional Public Organization Big Baikal Trail Elena Chubakova joined the Public Council of the Lake Baikal Foundation for Support of Applied Ecological Research and Development.
This Fund was established on November 22, 2016. The purpose of his work is to promote natural science, humanitarian projects and initiatives that are aimed at preserving and developing the Baikal natural territory and Lake Baikal.
We are pleased that the great experience of the head of the BBT MOO in conducting trail construction projects, educational projects, working with volunteers and creating united teams from them was highly appreciated by our Moscow partners.
From 1997 to 2005, Elena Chubakova worked at the Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry of the SB RAS as a junior researcher at the Entomopathology Laboratory of Woody Plants. Geobotanic, ecologist. As part of the scientific direction of the Institute, she participated in the development of environmental and physiological problems of biological diversity of Baikal Siberia. The main objective of the study was to study the mechanisms of phytocenosis resistance to adverse natural and anthropogenic factors, assess the environmental situation and predict its development, develop methodological foundations for conducting comprehensive biological monitoring, justify environmental management measures. She took part in the inter-institutional project "Rare and Endangered Plants of the Selenga Baikal". As part of the Laboratory of Entomopathology of Woody Plants, the Laboratory of Bioindication of Ecosystems and the Herbarium Group, she took part in expeditions in the Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Buryatia.
She graduated from Irkutsk State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil, courses at the Faculty of Public Professions of ISU with a degree in Lecturer in Ecology and Nature Conservation.
Elena has been managing the Big Baikal Trail Interregional Public Organization since 2004, and has been operating in the Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Buryatia.
Baikal Lake Foundation
Presidential grant work phase
We are pleased to announce that the Big Baikal Trail Interregional Public Organization has successfully reported to the Presidential Grants Fund of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the first stage of the grant "Conservation of Lake Baikal through Effective Voluntary Projects". The report was adopted without comment, and the Fund is preparing the next tranche. The stage lasted from September 1 to January 19, and as part of the work, cooperation agreements were concluded with the protected areas of the Baikal region, and 12 volunteer projects were posted and opened on the BBT website. Recall that this summer we have 10 two-week tropro-construction projects in various nature reserves and national parks of Lake Baikal and soon ten-day winter projects will begin to develop information stands for protected areas (there will be two of them - in February and March). The organization's contribution to the grant was also the creation of a new website www.greatbaikaltrail.ORG
Winter Project Season Open
Wait! The season of winter projects is open!
Today was launched our first project this year - the winter project "Baikal Railways." The company of glorious children from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and China has already managed to walk along sunny Irkutsk, tomorrow they will go to get acquainted with the atmospheric tunnels of the Circum-Baikal Railway, and then cross the Baikal ice and get to the end point of the project - the Baikal Reserve.
BBT volunteers in the reserve are looking forward to it. There they have a lot of work in store - from developing a winter tourist route and compiling booklets for foreign tourists to harvesting huge snowdrifts of snow, which is always abundant in the Baikal Reserve
Clear (albeit frosty - it's still Siberia!) Weather, friends, good mood and fun adventures!
With the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
The first winter BBT project of 2018 "Baikal ways" was completed.
The first winter BBT project of 2018 "Baikal ways" was completed. It took place on the territory of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia, affected Irkutsk, the village of Old Angasolka, Kultuk, Slyudyanka, Tankhoy.
On the first day of the project, a tour of Irkutsk was organized for the volunteers, which ended with a tasting of the traditional Buryat dish - pos.
Then the group arrived on the shore of Lake Baikal - the village of Old Angasolka, where the participants studied the Circum-Baikal Railway and the development of information stands for the Baikal National Park (
Walking on the Circum-Baikal Railway and walking to Kultuk on the ice of Lake Baikal did not leave anyone indifferent.
On this day, the BBT team held a BBT evening for volunteers - they talked about the organization's activities, ecotourism and volunteering on Lake Baikal.
The group spent most of the project in Tankhoy, working for the Baikal Reserve.
Here is what the group worked on:
1. Collection of information for information stands in the reserve
2. Formation of proposals for the winter route. To do this, a group led by reserve employee Ivan Vasilyevich made an exploration-walk on real hunting skis with a camus in the winter taiga.
3. Development of environmental education classes for primary school students. The theme is Bears. Three "stations" were developed: a quiz about bears, an active game with an eco-tale, and a station for handicrafts.
4. Development of the project and proposals for the summer children's route "In Debri Fairy taiga."
5. Translation of the rules of visiting the reserve into English and Chinese.
6. Design of entrance tickets to the reserve.
7. Snow clearing.
8. The group shared with the reserve their suggestions for improving its work, photos from the project, and wrote reviews.
9. Develop and conduct an educational meeting with senior students from local schools. Theme: volunteering. Three stations were organized: at the first BBT volunteers from the central regions of Russia shared their experience in various projects and said why this is important. The second station was foreign - visiting volunteers talked about their foreign experience of participating in volunteer projects. The third was a video station, the BBT team leader arranged a screening of educational videos about volunteering and BBT. About 40 schoolchildren attended the meeting, it is pleasant that they liked the event and they discovered a lot of new things.
In total, 13 people took part in the project, including local residents.
In addition to work, there was a rest. Walks on the Circum-Baikal Railway and on the ice of Lake Baikal, acquaintance with the ethno-town of the Baikal Reserve and the Museum of Nature. One evening a gastronomic evening was arranged - the volunteers sculpted real Buryat poses, as well as dumplings and dumplings. An excursion to the new Baikal Reserve visit center and a ski trip through the winter taiga left the group with the most vivid impressions!
We thank the staff of the Baikal Reserve for the warm welcome and attention to the volunteers!
The project was carried out using a grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund
Preparation for foreman courses
Every year MOO "BBT" conducts courses of team leaders to organize the work of a volunteer group on summer projects. Looking ahead, we say that this year the courses will be even more interesting and rich. Thanks to the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund (presidential grants. Rf), we have produced educational posters that we will use as visual materials for the courses. We also systematized the amount of knowledge provided in the courses and finally released a training manual, so that novice team leaders could always check with the training material.
With the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, we have the opportunity to implement what we have long planned. Follow our news, we will inform you about the start of training courses for leaders-leaders!
BBT Specialists at the College of Service and Tourism
BBT specialists at the College of Service and Tourism told students about volunteering, Baikal and BBT.
In the future, these students will probably work as guides and tour operators on Lake Baikal, and it is useful for them to know the geography of the region, the Baikal SPAs, as well as the principles of ecotourism and types of environmental volunteering.
We are grateful to the Angara branch of the Irkutsk College of Economics, Service and Tourism (ikest.obrazovanie38.rf) and personally Irina Solomina for the invitation to speak to the children as part of the week of volunteering in the institution. The guys gathered a lot and everyone listened attentively. We hope our meeting was useful!
Testing the first BBT board game
A test drive of the game "On the Great Baikal Trail" as part of the Non-Formal Education Week was held last week. Guests and participants (16 people) praised the game, left valuable comments, tips, suggestions. Thanks to this game, you can have fun while learning important and useful information about Lake Baikal and its protected areas. We plan to continue to improve it.
Thanks to our friends Baikal Eco-Center for the premises and good company!
Following the results of two days, we were invited to other cities to demonstrate the game. The next test drive of the game will be held in Angarsk. Follow the announcements!
The brand "BBT" is registered
Once upon a time, in 2016, the team of our Interregional Public Organization made a common and very important decision - to register the Great Baikal Trail brand. In early March, we began to prepare relevant documents, interact with a lawyer and develop an emblem, which for many years was to become our trademark.
We were warned that this is a long process. And indeed, many letters were written and many documents were sent to Moscow, Berezhkovskaya Embankment, 30 Federal Service for Intellectual Property.
And now, two years later, we received a document stating that the Big Baikal Trail Interregional Public Organization is the copyright holder of the Big Baikal Trail name and logo with an image of our beloved Baikal. Our logo (emblem) You, dear friends, have probably known for a long time. We started using it as soon as we developed it, and it is posted on our website, on the t-shirts that we give to volunteers, on all our printing products and souvenirs.
Many thanks to everyone who supported us at every stage of this difficult procedure. We express our gratitude to the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk Region in the person of the head Ekaterina Slivina and the FSBI "Baikal Reserve" in the person of the deputy director Irina Lyasot for the letters of support provided, the International Center for Responsible Tourism in the person of Natalia Dronova for a lawyer and many others who believed in us.
BBT Center is increasing momentum
The idea to create a multifunctional Center of the Great Baikal Trail is in full swing embodied. We thank VTB Bank for the opportunity to expand our office, we thank the Presidential Grants Fund for the possibility of stable operation of the organization and permanent staff, and we also thank our friends En + group of companies and personally Maria Gracheva for annual support and long-term partnership.
Head of the Center - Elena Chubakova
Executive Director - Eleanor Yeryomchenko
Already formed and productively work 6 departments:
1. For the construction of trails, the development of technical specifications and the training of specialists, the Leadership and Tropology Department "Big Baikal Trail" is responsible
Head - Natalya Ivanova
Roman Chubakov, specialist in trail construction and volunteer work
Yuri Pochinchik
Nikita Sukhikh
2. The department for work with volunteers is responsible for the recruitment, coordination and correspondence with volunteers
Head - Natalia Tugutkhonova
3. The Department of Development and Public Relations is responsible for promoting the organization and working with social networks
Head - Roman Mikhailov
Igor Lagutin
Nikita Sukhikh
4. The Department of Educational Programs is responsible for conducting field classes with children and new educational projects.
Head - Olga Mikhaleva
Olga Markova
Igor Lagutin
Nikita Sukhikh
Ivan Levchuk
Maria Blagikh
5. The Corporate Programs Department is responsible for event projects and corporate volunteering projects.
Head - Sofya Kotselyabina
Maria Mikhailova
6. For the workshop and souvenir department is responsible for the Department of creativity "Forest shop"
Head - Zarina Mullagaleeva
This department works in partnership with Orient LLC
Director - Lyudmila Khongodorova
Maria Mikhailova
Center Accounting
Chief Accountant - Tatyana Andryushchenko
The coordinator of the northern projects and a reliable friend of BBT is Evgeny Maryasov (Severobaykalsk).
Our team leaders, team assistants and translators for the summer of 2018 (not including employees of the BBT Public Association):
Ivan Levchuk
Yuri Pochinchik
Olga Markova
Elena Bubeeva
Anastasia Goncharova
Maria Mikhailova
Igor Lagutin
Nikita Sukhikh
Tanya Rodina
Ksenia Badryzlova
Anastasia Chertovskikh
Artyom Burnet
Anna Ogorodnikova
Igor Ogorodnikov
And the good news for the last: BBT opens the hostel "Big Baikal Trail", he will be happy to receive our volunteers, for which discounts will certainly be provided!
The opening is very soon! Follow the news.
In the framework of Intourmarket
From March 9 to March 15, the business trip of the head of the BBT corporate programs department Sofya Kotselyabina to Moscow took place.
Sophia represented our organization at the Intourmarket International Tourism Exhibition, which was held from March 10 to 12 at the Crocus Expo exhibition center.
The round table "Responsible Tourism - Basic Principles and Concepts of Promotion" was held, which was organized by the International Center for Responsible Tourism in the Russian Federation under the leadership of Natalia Dronova. The participants presented various projects - the restoration of churches and villages. Sophia spoke about the work of the BBT organization in the Baikal region.
Sophia presented at the exhibition the products of the creative department of BBT Lesnaya Lavka - crafts of Baikal masters and not only.
We thank the tourism agency of the Irkutsk region in the person of Ekaterina Slivnaya for their support and the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, and of course Natalia Dronova for the invitation to the round table and the opportunity to talk about her experience.
Sophia also visited the VDNKh House of Crafts lecture hall (Pavilion No. 47), where the Primary and Secondary exhibition was held, telling about the pictorial language of special people - people with mental features.
The exhibition presents more than 100 creative works created by the artists of the workshop "Special Ceramics" - a permanent resident of the VDNH Craft Park. "They also showed me the 'work shop', where everything happens from the beginning of the idea of the product to firing," said Sofya.
Soon, the workshop authors plan to hold a webinar for those who want such projects in their own city.
The trip of the BBT representative to Moscow was supported by our partners En + Group.
Forest Bench: on VK, on FB, on instagram: lesnaialavka_irkutsk
Address - st. Lenin, 7 - entrance from the main street at the corner of the intersection of ul. Gorky and Lenin. Come to visit!
"Island in the ice"
Last week, our second project this year was completed - the winter project "Island in Ice"
It's easy to guess from the name exactly where the project took place - by itself, on the island. And what is the largest island on Lake Baikal? - Of course, Olkhon.
Our volunteers spent more than a week in the village of Khuzhir on March Olkhon, where they managed to enjoy the winter Baikal beauty in plenty (yes, winter is still at the beginning of March on Baikal!) And work hard for fame.
The guys participated in the preparation of the Blue Ice Classical Music Festival, which has been organized by its inhabitants on the island for several years, and where musicians from different regions of our country gather. One of the features of the festival is that part of the performances takes place directly on the ice of Lake Baikal. Volunteers built a platform for artists (shovels, brooms, chisels, saws and neatly cut bricks of Baikal ice were used), and then helped organize the performances themselves.
On other working volunteer workdays, the friendly BBT team, led by masters Danil and Lena, was engaged in wall decoration at a local comprehensive school, and also took part in painting the music school (volunteers from our other winter project started repairing it a year ago). And the guys devoted the last working day to the repair of the music hall in Nikita Bencharov's Estate - they painted the walls, floor and even the ceiling. We are sure that more than one village event will take place in the renovated hall and more than a dozen local residents and guests of the island will gather for a pleasant occasion.
On the day off, volunteers visited the northern part of Olkhon. We admired the stunning transparent turquoise ice, were able to explore the mysterious grottoes, which are difficult to get to most of the year, heard the legends of the island of Olkhon and Cossack songs, saw the majestic cape Khoboy "from the water" (more precisely, from the ice of the lake).
Once after work, the guys went on a hike to check how the Second Key spring, which was cleared by our volunteers and residents of Khuzhir last fall, is doing in the forest outside the village. Klyuchik feels great, and BBT, as part of winter projects, is developing an information stand on how important it is to keep springs.
In general, the BBT project "Island in the Ice" went well - both the volunteers and the organizers were satisfied, happy, impressed by the beauty of winter Baikal and each other. 18 volunteers took part.
Many thanks to the entire staff of the Manor Nikita Bencharov, who warmly received our team! Special thanks to her hospitable owners Nikita and Natalya Bencharov and talented masters Danil and Lena for their attention and help in organizing work and leisure on the project.
The project was supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.
Photo: Artyom Bril, Nadezhda Zanosova, Natalia Tugutkhonova
Summer projects 2018!
We are pleased to tell you that recruitment for summer projects is in full swing! We invite you to take part in international volunteer eco-projects on the construction of paths on Lake Baikal!
The aim of the projects: volunteer assistance to specially protected natural areas, assistance in the development of tourism infrastructure, annual maintenance of the existing trail.
List of summer projects
Work with tools on a summer project
Description of a typical day on a project
List of necessary equipment
Frequently asked Questions
Tick Safety Information
Sample menu on the project
# BBT - rest on the contrary
MOO "BBT" (Irkutsk) since 2004 has been working under the leadership of Elena Chubakova in the Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Buryatia.
Tourism Exhibition Baikal Travel Mart
On April 19-20, the Baikal Travel Mart exhibition was held in Ulan-Ude. The event was attended by a large number of organizations related to Lake Baikal and tourism and recreation on it - these are protected areas, and municipalities, and businesses that provide travel services, and non-profit organizations that guard the protection of the lake. Among the latter was the Great Baikal Trail, whose volunteer projects have been held both in the Irkutsk region and in the Republic of Buryatia for many years.
It was nice to see the genuine interest of the exhibition guests in the activities of the "Big Baikal Trail" and it was very joyful to meet the volunteers who had previously been on BBT projects and came specially to see their favorite organization.
BBT participates in the Park March in Ulan-Ude
Specialists of the Municipal Public Organization "BBT" took part in the All-Russian campaign "March of Parks - 2018": Youth and Nature - a Common Future ", in the framework of which the festival" Reserve Buryatia: Volunteer of Nature "was held.
The organizers of the festival are the public organization "Baikal Preserved Necklace", the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Buryatia, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Buryatia.
Guests of the festival could take part in the flash mob "Visiting Zapovednaya Buryatia", go through the eco-quest "Zapovedny mix", visit photo exhibitions with pictures of the unique nature and inhabitants of Buryatia, also presented creative numbers, interactive venues, master classes and souvenirs from protected areas .
The festival was dedicated to the Year of the Volunteer (Volunteer), here it was possible to talk with the staff of protected areas and volunteers, learn more about existing and planned volunteer projects in protected areas, sign up for volunteers.
For all those who are not indifferent to nature, the "Volunteering in protected areas" platform was presented, where representatives of the BBT NGO Natalya Ivanova and Roman Mikhailov shared with visitors information about BBT projects in Baikal nature reserves and national parks, talked about the benefits of volunteering and the need for trails.
We thank for the support of the "Baikal Reserved Necklace" and our friends from the Republic of Buryatia: the Baikal Reserve and the Podlemorye Reserve!
The trip of representatives of the BBT MOO to Buryatia was supported by long-term partners of En + Group (, as well as with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
Fire training in Irkutsk
Last Saturday, May 12, specialists and volunteers of the Great Baikal Trail in the amount of 6 people took part in a fire training camp, which was organized by the Public Association "Detachment 15.08".
The event, as well as last year, was held on the territory of the Irkutsk Avialesohrany base at ul. Deputy 85.
Participants learned what natural fires are, the causes of how to extinguish and how, strengthened the knowledge of first aid to victims, refreshed the lessons of geography, map orientation, and learned the rules of radio communications.
Recall that from this year fire training has been included in the training course for foremen of the BBT.
Tourism instructor courses were held in Severobaikalsk
From April 27 to May 2, in the city of Severobaikalsk, the Buryat State University and the Big Baikal Trail MPO conducted courses of tourism instructors organized by the Warm Northern Baikal Business Club. Olga Mikhaleva, an employee of the Big Baikal Trail NGO, Olga and Vladimir Hidekel, an engaged specialist who has been a team leader for our summer projects for many years, discussed topics such as participation in BBT volunteer projects as an element of professional training and guide development, leisure and intercultural communication technology in the time of a multi-day active tour within the group, the ethics of the guide, the psychological climate in the tourist group and the role of the guide in its formation, species of animals listed in the Red Book on hiking trails in the northern part of the Bai ala and ecotourists' key species, the project approach and interpretation of how the basic principles and tools for self-development, organization and conduct of tours guides on finished parts of BBT and other topics. Theoretical studies were supported by practice, analysis of potential conflict situations, drawing up a portrait of an ideal guide, group rallying games, ornithological excursions in the city near the Tyya River. After a guided tour of the most interesting places in the city and its environs and protection of their tour, the guides received BSU certificates.
BBT representatives also took part in the round table "Effective interaction of the public association of tour service organizers in the North of Lake Baikal" based on the experience of the TSB club ", to which representatives of the administration of the city of Severobaykalsk were invited.
BBT Workshop Coming Soon
It will be held May 25-27 in the Baikal Reserve, the village of Tankhoy, the Republic of Buryatia.
The workshop is a mini-project whose goal is to combine work on the trail with practice for future BBT assistants and team leaders who attended spring leader courses.
Participation is free, food, travel and accommodation are provided.
Intelligence has already been carried out before the event: on May 15-16, BBT specialists traveled to the place, talked with representatives of the reserve, and found out the required amount of work.
Upcoming types of work:
1. Clearing the site for the future Bird's Town
2. Clearing and laying of a cloth from a new laying trail (150-200 meters)
3. Clearing and marking the alternate route from the new lay trail to the federal highway (about 1 km)
The team leaders and assistants will have to show all their knowledge, carry out the project from beginning to end.
There are still some free places, if you want to participate as a volunteer - write to or VKontakte here or here.
The BBT workshop is supported by the Baikal Reserve and the Presidential Grants Fund.
Rally in defense of Baikal
BBT employees and volunteers took part in a public event dedicated to the protection of Lake Baikal and the Baikal Natural Territory. The rally was held on May 22, 2018 on the square near the Trud stadium.
The goal is to preserve the World Heritage - Pride of Russia - the Sacred Lake - for our children and grandchildren; provide them with a decent life and rest on Lake Baikal, its Natural Territory.
Each of Us can help Save, Preserve a Unique, Endemic, Sacred Baikal!
Organizer - Chairman of the Ecological Association "Baikal Commonwealth" Ekaterina Uderevskaya
BBT Workshop Completed
On May 26-27, 2018, a BBT workshop "Volunteers as an important resource for nature conservation and assistance to protected areas" was held in the Baikal Biosphere Reserve (Tankhoi village, Republic of Buryatia) on the arrangement of a section of the trail on the territory of the reserve.
The objectives of the workshop were:
1. Arrangement of the site of the ecological trail for the reserve
2. Clearing the site for the future Bird Town
3. Clearing the observation deck from dry and fallen trees on the new trail
4. Practical work of assistant team leaders who completed BBT spring leadership courses
In addition to work, the group visited the Baikal Preserve visit center, the participants walked along the shore of Lake Baikal, enjoyed chatting by the evening fire.
The seminar was attended by 31 people, including 10 trained specialists for summer
Projects of Municipal Public Organization "BBT", local residents and representatives of the reserve. This event is the final point in training for the BBT 2018 project season.
Leaders' training and the seminar were held using a grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund
We also thank En + Group for our partners for supporting our organization.
We express our gratitude to the Baikal Reserve for a warm welcome, a tour of the visit center and the provided accommodation.
Recall: this autumn two BBT reporting seminars will be held - in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude, to which more than 100 people will be invited. These seminars will also be held with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
BBT transfers experience in Altai
Roman Mikhailov, Head of Development and Public Relations, MOO BBT, took part in the Altai.Points of Growth Youth Forum. The anniversary forum was held 10 times in the vicinity of the resort town of Belokurikha.
Roman shared the experience of BBT and spoke at two venues: "Volunteering" and "Tourist Industry".
The purpose of the lesson: to tell the participants about responsible tourism in Baikal, to show one of the best practices in environmental and volunteer tourism, to share technologies for organizing and conducting international volunteer projects in specially protected natural areas.
Thanks to the organizers for the invitation!
Forum website:
BBT transfers experience in the Far East
On June 10, BBT team leader Anna Ogorodnikova held a five-hour workshop on the basics of tropology at the Botanical Garden Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok). The workshop was attended by employees of the Botanical Garden, representatives of protected areas (Leopard Land, Popova Island, Sikhote-Alin), teachers and volunteers. 35 people took part.
During the seminar, participants were also able to walk along the paths of the botanical garden, so that in practice they could analyze various aspects of planning and building ecological paths. Thanks to the Botanical Garden for organizing the seminar and the opportunity for the representative of the BBT Public Association!
Workshop at Kenozersky National Park
On June 1-5, the head of corporate programs, Sofia Kotselyabina, attended a workshop "Development of sustainable tourism: save, preserve, show, convey, engage." The seminar was organized by Kenozersky National Park, it was attended by experts from national parks and reserves from all over Russia, as well as representatives of socially responsible tourism.
During the seminar, participants visited cultural heritage sites in Kenozerye: restored chapels, mills, and ecological trails; participated in folklore evenings. The park involved local residents in their work - some of them are its employees, others - organize excursions for tourists, prepare dinners in local traditions.
BBT representative's trip to Moscow was supported by our partners, En + Group
BBT intelligence season in full swing
Traditional intelligence before BBT projects in the most active phase. Field visits before the projects to determine the scope of work have already passed on the Listvyanka - Bolshoy Goloustnoye route, a section has been explored from Bolshoy Goloustnoye to the side of Peschanaya Bay, the territory of the Preserved Baikal region.
Yesterday a group of scouts went to the Baikal Reserve, and today the BBT specialists go to the "Preserve Podlemorye".
Traditionally, BBT intelligence is supported by our partners, En + Group.
BBT Reconnaissance in the Protected Submarine
From June 18 to 26, intelligence was conducted by specialists of the Municipal Public Organization "BBT" on the territory of the FSBI "Reserve Podlemorye" (Republic of Buryatia).
The places where BBT trail construction projects will take place this summer have been explored:
- Holy Nose Peninsula, Transbaikal National Park
- Froliche Lake, Frolohinsky Reserve
- Davsha village, Barguzinsky reserve
The main volumes of work at each site were determined, an inventory of the inventory of the Municipal Public Organization "BBT" was carried out, and our experts also assisted in the construction of the Davshinsky Pillars trail: they carried out work with a student group (26 people) doing internships in the reserve.
We are grateful to the staff of the Reserved Podlemorye for the reception and assistance in intelligence, as well as our partners, En + Group for the traditional support of intelligence of the BBT Public Association.
The season of BBT summer projects has started!
Hooray! The season of BBT summer projects has started! The first project, "In the Wilds of Hamar-Daban," went to the Baikal Reserve. Long-term goal of the project: Construction of an excursion trail along the Osinovka river valley.
Preliminary scope of work: Clearing the corridor of the trail (fallen trees, elfin). The construction of the trail, the construction of fortification walls. Refinement and restoration of the existing trail.
This project is being carried out using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.
BBT project in the Baikal National Park!
The second BBT summer project has begun - the transit project "Into the Taiga Territory of the Baikal Region"!
From July 4 to 17, BBT volunteers will work on the Bolshoi Koty - Bolshoy Goloustnoye route in the Baikal National Park.
The project is not quite ordinary - it takes place in a multi-day trip mode. The team will move from one place to another as the required work on the trail is completed. The project is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.
BBT project started in Transbaikal National Park
On July 11, in Ulan-Ude, our third summer project was launched!
The "Test Path" project takes place in the Trans-Baikal National Park. Volunteers live on the shore of Lake Baikal and continue the construction of the popular trail on the plateau of the Holy Nose Peninsula, begun in 2015.
The project is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.
BBT Project in the Baikal Reserve
Our cloudy but warm morning to build our fourth summer project to build a trail "To the wilds of Khamar-Daban" in the Baikal Reserve!
Volunteers will spend two weeks in one of the rainiest, but most comfortable places on Lake Baikal. They will repair a section of the trail leading to the char of Khamar-Daban, take a walk in alpine meadows, learn about the flora and fauna of the Baikal region, and get acquainted with the activities of the reserve.
The project is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.
The first Siberian training camp for voluntary forest firefighters on Lake Baikal
Recruitment is under way for participation in the first Siberian training camp for voluntary forest firefighters, which will be held from 12 to 18 August on Lake Baikal.
Volunteers will receive basic knowledge about the causes of fires in natural areas, work with fire equipment, equipment repair, rules for managing a group in a fire, basic tactical schemes for working in forest, peat and grass fires, learn about the basics of first aid, legislation in the field of nature protection from fires and much more.
You can apply for participation in the camp by clicking on the link: https: // ...
One of the organizers of the event is the Interregional Public Organization "The Big Baikal Trail".
Learn more about the event here.
The project "To the taiga region of the Baikal region" has ended
The project "To the taiga region of the Baikal Region" has ended.
Let me remind you that this is a transit project that ran from Bolshoy Koty to Bolshoy Goloustnoye. The project moved the camp 5 times as repair work on the trail was completed.
For 14 days, the team did a great job:
- the path and the stairs after Bolshie Koty were cleared
- steps, a drainage system were installed, a bridge-bridge was cleared, and a spontaneous trail on the ascent to the Skriper cliff was closed
- set the tours on the descent from Scripper, and also made stone steps on the descent to the beach
- 150 m of a new trail were built on the site leading to Cape Sobolev
- set table and benches in the Lower Bay
- a ravine on the trail was strengthened, and clearing of fallen trees between the metro station Bolshoy Kadilny and the village of Bolshoi Goloustnoe
Many thanks to all the participants in the project, you are a great team!
The project was supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.
Project "Path to Peschanaya-1 Bay"
On July 17, the project "Path to Peschanaya-1 Bay" was launched - our second project in the Baikal National Park this season and the fifth in total for the summer project
The project takes place not far from the village of Bolshoy Goloustnoye. Volunteers camped on the shore of Lake Baikal and continue the construction of the trail, begun in 2017, into one of the most beautiful bays on the lake.
BBT Association!
BBT goes forward!
Now we are not just an Interregional public organization!
Since July 20, the BBT has been reorganized into the Association of Supporters of the Development of Eco-Education, Leadership and Tropology "The Big Baikal Trail"!
Such a big and complicated name!
ps but for you we are always just BBT Association
Projects "Davshinsky Pillars" and "Into the Wilds of Hamar-Daban - 2" have started!
Today is a very busy day!
A whole two projects set off today)
The project "Davshinsky Pillars" is being sent from Ulan-Ude, which will take place in the Barguzinsky Reserve, which is part of the FSBI "Reserved Podlemorye".
And today the project "To the wilds of Hamar-Daban - 2" left the BBT Hostel today in the Baikal Reserve.
We wish you great projects, weather and mood!
The projects are supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.