Recommended equipment list

To make sure, that your trip is not spoiled by common matters, we recommend you familiarize yourself with this list. In case of absence some equipment below, your participation on the project may become significantly complicated or even impossible at all.
Even if you are get used to travel with a trolley bag, this time - change your habits. The participation in projects without a backpack is not possible. The recommended volume of backpack is 70-90 liters. You might also need a small backpack (10-20 l.) or a canvas bag with shoulder straps, to take a bottle of water or other necessary items with you
Tourist mat
Tourist mats are made of foamed polymers and have thermally insulating characteristics. Living in forest camp, tourist mat is one of the most important things to have
Sleeping bag
Buy a sleeping bag with modern synthetic fillers. Recommended temperature range: comfort zero (Celsius) - extreme minus 8-10 (Celsius). The weight of the sleeping bag is 1 – 1,5 kg.
Basic - boots
Interchangeable - sneakers, sandals. An important note: shoes should not be completely new, otherwise getting callosity is inevitable
Rubber boots are OBLIGATORY for "Into the wilds of Hamar-Daban " project
External battery
or Power Bank to recharge phones or other electronic devices
Set of personal dishes
Personal care items
Waterproof jacket or raincoat
In case of rainy weather
Warm clothes
It is easier to prepare for sleep in a tent if you have a light source. It is very convenient to use headlamp to set your hands free
Individual first aid kit
All our projects are equipped with general first-aid kit, in case you have any chronic disease or you need some specific medication, please make sure that you have it with you.
Camping Sewing Kit
At your choice
Sun protection
Mosquito net
May not be useful, but may save you from annoying midges and mosquitoes.

If you are going to participate in North Baikal projects having a mosquito net is highly recommended
Biodegradable soap
On all our projects, we use only biodegradable products! It would be nice if your detergents are also environmentally friendly
Bottle for water
You can carry water with you
Individual tent
For the accommodation of volunteers in tent camps, tents are provided on all our projects. Our tents are designed for two people. The number of tents provided is based on the number of volunteers in the group. For example, if there are 12 volunteers on the project, then tents provided is 6 + 1 (a tent for separate food storage). Therefore, if you prefer to live without a neighbor, you need to take care of it yourself. An individual tent also makes sense if you are taller than 180 cm, as our tents have exactly this length