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First aid kit

Attention! If you have a chronic illness or need certain medications that are not listed here, please take them with you.
Antibiotics (in case of a bite Lyme-infits. Tick)
Unidox Solutab
Ketarol tablet 10 mg Nonsteroidal Analgesic
Spazmalgon amp. 5 ml No. 10. Analgesic (colic, injury)
Pentalgin No. 10 Analgesic (headache)
With inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes
Eye drops Sulfacyl sodium 20% 5ml
Nasal drops
Gastrointestinal tract. Poisoning
Gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea
Loperamide number 20
Gastrointestinal tract. Laxative
Forlax Pak. Number 20
Gastrointestinal tract. Heartburn
Smecta number 10
Gastrointestinal tract. Enzymes
Penzital table. Number 30
Pimidel capsules 200mg No. 20
Cold. Sore throat
Grammidine tablet Number 20
Cold. Cough medicine
ACC tab. Number 10
Cold. Temperature
Efferalgan with Vit. With spike. tab. Number 10
Ferveks packages number 8
Cardiovascular agents
Valerian Tincture (Soothing)
Validol Tab. 100mg No. 10 (Pain in the heart)
Outdoor. Ointments
(Means for applying to healthy
skin for pain in muscles and joints)
Syntomycin liniment ointment 10% 25g
Wound Treatment
Miramistin Wound Treatment Antiseptic
Zelenka (pencil) Antiseptic for the treatment of wounds
Panthenol (Wound Healing Agent)
Dressings and honey. facilities
Medical sterile bandage
Medical sterile bandage
Elastic Bandage
Medical cotton wool
Adhesive tape
Adhesive plaster bact.
Sterile surgical gloves
Disposable syringe
Honey thermometer
Calendula tincture 40 ml
Ammonia solution (ammonia
Wet wipes