Great Baikal Trail
Working with people, we protect the nature of Lake Baikal
About us
The Great Baikal Trail is non-profit ecological organization working since 2003 with a team of like-minded people: specialists, volunteers, tourists, and people who care about nature.
Working with people, we protect the nature of Lake Baikal
Professionals with a wealth of experience
The idea behind the project appeared in the 1970s, but the actual construction of the Great Baikal Trail only began in 2003
We are proud that we have so many friends and partners, from non-commercial organizations, business, NGOs, and governmental organizations
The tangible results of our work are reasons to be proud of our organization and what it has achieved
Saving Baikal together – what could be more important? Join us!
Description and list of the GBT trails
Our team
Professionals with extensive experience
Eleonora Eremchenko
Executive director Great Baikal Trail Association
Roman Mikhailov
Development and Public Relations
Roman Chubakov
Trail and volunteer specialist

Natalia Tugutkhonova
Volunteer Operations Department
Inessa Nefedeva
Leadership and Trail Building Department
Natalya Aksyonova
Souvenir Department

Katerina Rotberg
Development Manager

Angelina Uzhova
Assistant to the Development and Public Relations
Denis Lemeshev
Economic Transport Department
Evgeny Maryasov
Coordinator in Severobaikalsk
Olga Dubrovina
SMM specialist
We can do it together!

Baikal is a unique lake, one of the planet's irreplaceable wonders, and a truly sacred part of the natural world, not only for Russians but for all of humanity.

The task of protecting this unique creation of nature is in all of our hands! Join the ranks of GBT volunteers.