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For 16 years, the Great Baikal Trail has carried out 240 projects. During this time, we have built and annually serve more than 500 kilometers of trails. We have done this great job thanks to our volunteers, partners and supporters! The territory around Baikal is huge, there are still many things to do. By developing the infrastructure of nature-friendly tourism, we are contributing to our future.
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Non-financial support
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Promotion of the concept "Own kilometer" among large companies, wealthy donors and other categories. Companies financially or otherwise take patronage of the Great Baikal Trail.

We need volunteers from different cities and countries to participate in our projects: summer, autumn, winter. To do this, we need to promote our projects to the masses. If there are sensible marketers, then we will be happy to help in packaging our "product", because he is very specific.

Socially-oriented marketing. Some% of the sale of a product (usually the category of "consumer goods") goes to socially useful business. For example, to support the ecotropy on Lake Baikal.
Advertising. We need more advertising of our activities, our projects and our positioning - the first national path of Russia. Promotion of the BBT brand in Russia and the world. We also need social advertising (a call on a billboard, a video of social content in cinemas, a video on city screens of Russian cities)

Pro bono. This help is not money or products, it is help with qualifications, time and knowledge. For example, a lawyer gives an hour of his time and advice free of charge; the designer helps with brochure design, etc. Sometimes we need the help of a marketer, photographer, cameraman, copywriter, journalist, videographer, designer, system administrator, programmer, SMM manager, community manager.

Material and technical. For example, in a large branch of a bank, furniture or computers were written off, but everything was in good condition. They are donated to public organizations. Or such a story may be with something else (tour equipment). We periodically need tools for projects:
  • chainsaws and accessories
  • tents and tents
  • bonfire equipment
  • furniture and office equipment in the office
  • GPS navigators
  • Fuels and lubricants
  • office supplies (paper, cartridges, stationery)
  • camping equipment (backpacks, seat bags, sleeping bags, rubber boots, etc.)
  • tool storage
  • tool sharpening
  • chainsaw diagnostics
  • a boat with a trailer - for casting (for example, a Poseidon-520 PVC boat and a Mercury ME 50 motor)
  • a mini-excavator with a trailer for the efficient construction of trails in hard-to-reach places (examples: SAMSAN UL 20 universal mini-loader, BOXER 300 mini-loader, JCB 801 mini-excavator, BL-380 mini-loader, Hysoon HY-380 mini crawler loader) .

Your team's corporate trip to Lake Baikal in order to make their own contribution and build a piece of the trail with BBT specialists.

Advertising tour. Invite bloggers, journalists, officials, social activists, etc. Show the path, work, maybe even build something.

Branded souvenirs. Creating one with the BBT brand, several types (2-4). For example: buff / bandana, t-shirts, vests, gloves, socks, underpants, a scarf, a cap, a fleece, shorts, a pillow for sleeping on the plane.

Experience exchange. BBT team leaders participate in specialized projects of other organizations, drawing on new experience, sharing their own. Purpose: to get acquainted in practice with the work of other organizations, with CA, with the subtleties and wisdom, develop personal ties, broadcast the experience of BBT.

Products for volunteer projects: cereals, salt / sugar, canned food, sublimates, sweets, confectionery, nuts, dried fruits, etc.

Experience exchange. BBT team leaders participate in specialized projects of other organizations, drawing on new experience, sharing their own. Purpose: to get acquainted in practice with the features of the work of other organizations, to develop communications, to broadcast the experience of BBT.

BBT Representative Office in Moscow. Sometimes we do not have enough people in the capital who could talk about BBT, share handouts, make our presentation, give simple advice, information.
Arriving in Irkutsk, stop living at the BBT hostel! The hostel is a social project, the profit goes to support BBT projects.