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In the Land of Baikal Taiga - 4

Summer projects
Project Dates
From 16 July to 25 July, 2020
(10 days)
Project Location
Russia, Irkutskaya Oblast', Pribaikalskii National Park,
Bolshie Koty - Bolshoe Goloustnoe trail
Long-Term Goal of the Project
The development of ecotourism. Maintaining popular tourist trails.
Project Languages
Russian, English
Anticipated Extent of Work
Volunteers will have to renovate existing trails. This entails clearing the corridor, excavating soil, and building structures. The average work day consists of 6 hours with a break for lunch. Depending on weather conditions and the physical state of the group, the day's agenda may change.
Living Conditions and Food
In a group there will be a brigadier – the crew leader who organizes work, as well as an interpreter, who facilitates communication between participants. Volunteers set up a tent camp on the bank of Baikal in the Sennaya valley.

Project participants will look after order in the camp and make food at the campfire for the whole group based upon the schedule of duties made by
the brigadier. You can familiarize yourself with an example menu.

The GBT will purchase foodstuffs for the whole project, as well as provide necessary group equipment, and tools tents (one tent for every two people). Be aware that on the project site there are no hot showers, but you can warm water at the fire to wash or bathe in Baikal.

Project Assignments and Days-Off
On the first day of the project, volunteers will have to get from Irkutsk to the village of Bolshie Koty by boat. From Bolshie Koty, along with their personal items, general equipment, and foodstuffs, the group will go by foot to the valley Sennaya, (~6 km), where the camp will be pitched. On the last day of the project, volunteers will return to Irkutsk from Bolshie Koty, also by boat.

The place of work will be located between 2-3 km from the camp. Volunteers will have to work with tools (shovels, pickaxes, handsaws, etc.), move logs and rocks, and build structures on the trail. Sometimes it will be necessary to transport personal items, camping equipment, and foodstuffs.

The volume of a backpack should be no less than 70 liters. In connection with the peculiarities of the local climate, it is necessary to take a waterproof, windbreaker jacket, a warm sweater, and trousers. It is also important to pay attention to shoes – they should be comfortable, light, and non-slip.

We strongly recommend future participants of the project to familiarize themselves with the list of necessary equipment, information about tick safety, and also with the general information for the GBT volunteers.

Days-off: In the first half of the project, volunteers will climb to the crag Skriper, from where an excellent view of Southern Baikal opens up. In the second half of the project, provided that the physical condition of the group is good, a one-day hike to the creek valley Malaya Kadilnaya and a tour in the Chapel cave awaits the participants.
The project start location is the city of Irkutsk. Volunteers will be met on 16 July at 9am in the GBT Hostel.

We recommend to arrive in the city either a day before the start of the project, or in the early morning of the project start day. From Irkutsk, the group will take a boat to the village of Bolshie Koty. On the day that the project ends, the group will return from Bolshie Koty to Irkutsk also by way
of water transport.
Cost of Participation
The fee for participation in the project is 18000 rubles for 10 days.

It will be paid on the first day of the project. Volunteers can register for this project by sending us copies of their travel tickets. We therefore advise that you read everything carefully in this project description before submitting the application.

The GBT provides:
· Water transfer Irkutsk - Bolshie Koty - Irkutsk,
· Hostel accommodation in Irkutsk on the last day of the project,
· A crew leader,
· An interpreter,
· A first aid kit for the group (if you have chronic illnesses or if you require specific medications, please, bring them with you),
· Foodstuffs,
· Necessary group equipment, tools, and tents (one tent for every two people).

In the instance of unforeseen circumstances, GBT retains the right to close a project or carry out changes to the program, having informed all participants in advance.

Note: if you do not receive a response to your initial online application within one week, then please contact our volunteer coordinator directly at: