Educational projects

If you want people to love nature and feel responsible for it - start with the children now
Field classes in villages
Since 2005, we have been conducting field classes in villages on the shore of Lake Baikal.
Our regular partners and beloved friends are schools of the villages of Vydrino, Meget, Tankhoi, Bolshoi Goloustnoye. Last year, we first held classes in the north of Lake Baikal in the village. Baikal and Severobaikalsk.

We conduct classes on topics related to nature and its protection, volunteering, social problems and others. Three AND - an interesting, informative and interactive format - this is what we rely on when we talk about biology, geography, ecology. We speak simple language, in a playful way, with the help of theater, project activities, experiments, research and even dancing! Classes can be adapted for different ages, we are happy to work with both children from elementary grades and with adolescents. The number of children in our classes is always different - from 10 to 60, we can easily adapt to conditions.
Here are some topics for our field trips.
  • "Take a step - become a volunteer" - a lesson about volunteering.
  • "At the intersection of cultures" - a lesson in intercultural communication.
  • "Forest fires" - about the causes and consequences of forest fires.
  • "Lakes of the world" - on the importance of preserving fresh water sources.
  • "Biodiversity of Lake Baikal" - on the importance of species conservation.
  • The quest "In the wild" - about the skills necessary for hiking in the woods.
All classes are thought up and fully developed by BBT specialists and organization volunteers.
If you want to become a volunteer and join the preparation of the program, trips, you have always dreamed of implementing some kind of project with children to help nature -
contact us: or call +7 (902) 762-41-84 (also WApp)
With a backpack along the trail
Work continues on the preparation of the educational project "With a backpack along the trail" in the framework of cooperation with the Lake Baikal Foundation. This project is interesting in that it allows us to conduct classes with children even within the city - in groves, parks, and the Botanical Garden. The main results of the project should be: attracting the attention of the educational staff to the need for eco-lessons, addressing the issue of animal protection and plant protection in the strategically important region of Russia, where Lake Baikal is located, experiencing strong human influence as a result of the development of mass and chaotic tourism, accompanied by trampling trails, illegal fishing and other negative consequences. Currently, under the grant of the Baikal Lake Foundation, we have prepared and introduced two new employees who will carry out projects with children in Irkutsk, as well as field classes in Irkutsk, Slyudyansky districts, in Tankhoi (jointly with the Baikal Reserve and the city of Severobaikalsk (in conjunction with the MoE RMOO "Buryatia Youth Federation"), with the support of our coordinator in the North of Lake Baikal, Evgeny Maryasov.