Olkhinsky rocks

BBT conducts projects to improve the trail from Art. Eaglet to the rocks Vityaz and Idol for several years. During this time, the descent from the crest of the rocky Vityaz, wooden flooring along the swamp and a bridge over the river were built. Alder. Plans to further improve the existing paths.
0-400 метров
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Visiting Rules

No permission is required to visit this trail. Please be careful with the fire and take the trash with you.

How to get there

From Irkutsk to Orlenok station
Suburban electric train. Travel time is 1.5 hours. Schedule on the website or
to the trail
Go down the stairs from the railway embankment and turn right. After a while, having passed the houses of local residents, turn left to the river and cross the bridge. Here the path to the Olkhinsky skalnik begins.

Trail description

At the first fork after the bridge, the lower path (about 6 km) goes straight and flat, for the most part passing along the old forest road. If you go to Vityaz for the first time, then there is a chance of getting lost. It is recommended to go right, this upper path is a little more difficult, but more picturesque (about 5 km). At the beginning, the path goes uphill, then after the power line it becomes more gentle and goes onto the forest road. Turn right and walk along a forest road for about a hundred meters. There will be a small platform, the forest road goes further to the right, and you should turn left onto the path. This trail goes right along the Vityaz ridge, gradually descending to the foot of the rock. There is a camp site, from which there is a noticeable path to the bridge over the Olha River. After the crossing, the trail is divided: to the left - to the Winter's Tale, to the right a noticeable trail leads to the Idol and Turtle rocks. You can walk to Idol and back to the station in one day.

The trail to the second group of rocks is less noticeable, it is marked with red paint and tree signs, so in order not to get lost, you must adhere to the markings. In winter, especially after snowfall, you have every chance to become a pioneer. You can return from the Old Woman to Vityaz along a different path and you will get a ring route.

What you can see on the trail

  • Trans-Siberian Railway. At the Orlyonok station, the pioneer camp of the same name, belonging to the Irkutsk mica factory, used to be located. Wooden houses for the most part are destroyed, from some buildings there are only brick pipes.
  • The Olkhinsky plateau is a taiga massif teeming with outlier rocks, the most popular of which are: Vityaz, Idol and Old Woman. On the Olkhinsky plateau there are many stone sculptures - Mirrors, Bila Tserkva. Not all of these rocks are easily accessible. The paths to some of them disappeared after fires or overgrown. On the Olkhinsky plateau there are many popular hiking, cycling, climbing and skiing routes that are suitable for people with different physical training, for families with children. You can always easily get here by commuter train and return back at any time. There is a place for everyone regardless of age and interests - from a preschooler to a senior citizen, from a mushroom picker and a berry picker to the conqueror of mountain peaks.
  • Skalniki of the Olkhinsky plateau are granite massifs that appeared on the Earth's surface as a result of the destruction of softer rocks surrounding them. These bizarre rocks owe their bizarre shape to weathering processes. For millennia, water, air and temperature fluctuations have been the main sculptors here.
  • Vityaz - a 40 m high rock, is a natural monument. If you look at the rock from the side of the river from the south, you can clearly see the face of a warrior with a helmet pulled over his eyes. It is very popular among climbers, climbing routes of varying difficulty are laid on almost the entire surface.
  • The "Idol" skalnik resembles a statue from Easter Island and has the shape of a stone pillar consisting of separate blocks. Its height is 20 m.


Steep slope
The Bears

Other information

  • You can spend the night in tents.
  • There are no shops or cafes in this area.
  • Cellular communication on the trail is irregular.
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