Spring projects

Baikal is a world heritage, to protect and preserve it is everyone's business.
Ecotourism is especially important for our region, where the cleanest lake of the planet is located.
The purpose of spring projects
conducting an ecological winter project, promoting the development of tourism infrastructure in specially protected natural areas
We want Baikal to be attractive to travelers at any time of the year. At our summer projects, volunteers help create infrastructure for hiking, and in winter we do environmental education.

During the project, you will meet enthusiasts and environmental professionals, help an organization that makes a practical contribution to the protection of Lake Baikal by creating trails, as well as environmental education of local residents and tourists.

The main types of work on the winter project:
  • booklet creation;
  • development of information boards;
  • conducting environmental classes in schools in the villages of the Baikal region
  • and of course work in the fresh frosty air!)
Projects are supported by the Presidential Grants Fund of the Russian Federation.

Projects 2019

Olkhon island
(village Khuzhir)
The project is completed.