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Big Cats - Big Goloustnoe

Our work: the result of the work of the BBT volunteers was an improved trail to Cape Scriper, the expansion and transfer of some sections, the construction of steps to the Chapel Cave, and the installation of information stands.
0-400 метров
Height difference

Visiting Rules

Attention! To visit the park and set up tents, a permit is required, which can be obtained from the administration of the FSBI Zapovednoye Pribaikalye in Irkutsk or from the forestry in Listvyanka or the Bolshoi Goloustnoye, and by e-mail:
Irkutsk, st. Baikalskaya, d. 291 B,
+7 (3952) 350-615, +7 (3952) 350-662

Listvyanskoe lesnichestvo pos. Listvyanka, st. Gorky 2
+7 (3952) 659-210

Pribaikalskoe lesnichestvo Bolshoy Goloustnoe, st. Sverdlova, 40
+7 (914) 876-66-72

How to get there

to the Big Cats
  • along the Listvyanka trail - Big Cats
  • on a river fast ship. Routes Irkutsk - Listvyanka - Big Cats run from June to mid-September, the schedule is on the site
The route is also possible in the reverse order: to get to Bolshoi Goloustnoye and further along the path to Bolshie Koty and Listvyanka. Bolshoy Goloustnoye: A bus leaves daily from the bus station (approximately 16:00 from Irkutsk, 8:00 from Bolshoy Goloustnoye).
to the trail
In Big Cats, a noticeable path leads towards Bolshoi Goloustnoye along the shore.

Trail description

  • From Big Cats to Cape Skriper, the trail runs along the coast. In one of the places (in front of the "dangerous trail" sign) it is worth going down the stairs built by the BBT volunteers to a rocky beach and walking 1-2 km. Then you can go up to the shore again. In the Sennaya valley, the serpentine path rises to Cape Scriper, from which a beautiful view of Lake Baikal and the picturesque coast opens.
  • Further, through the aspen forest, the trail descends along the glen to Lake Baikal, where it is worth immediately descending to the shore (the trail at the top partially crumbled, descents from it to the shore are steep and loose). At Cape Sobolev, the path rises again upward. On Chayachy Utes the trail rises again above a rocky beach and passes a rather dangerous place "Devil's Bridge"
  • Then it goes along the coast to the valley of Bolshaya Kadilnaya, where the cordon of the Pribaikalsky National Park is located.
  • Further, a dirt road will lead you to the Malaya Kadilnaya Pad, where you can visit the Chapel Cave.
  • It is not worth going along the upper path; the path partially collapsed. Better go down to the rocky beach. Here after 700 m you will find a wooden staircase, climbing on which you will exit onto a normal path.
  • After the stairs, the path leads along the coast, sometimes going down to Lake Baikal.
  • The last few kilometers to the Bolshoi Goloustnoye village you need to go along a dirt road.

What you can see on the trail

  • Get to know the flora of the Baikal National Park. Along the trail, you can see the bright orange flowers of a swimsuit, dwarf lily and cactus-like rabbit cabbage (spiny mountain gill). Remember that many plants of the park are rare and are listed in the Red Book. Let's save these flowers so that other tourists can admire them!
  • Big Cats - the former village of prospectors. Traces of gold mining, such as artificial lakes and rock dumps, still remain in its vicinity. In summer, students of the Biological and Soil Faculty of ISU practice here.
  • Museum of Baikal in the village. Big Cats (irregular opening hours)
  • The observation deck at Cape Scriper, which is located several kilometers north of the village of Bolshie Koty. The observation deck is only a few meters from the trail when it crosses the cape.
  • Cave Chapel in which the caveman lived and several artifacts were found. The cave is located in the decay of Malaya Kadilnaya. There is a path to it (keep right turns), and wooden steps lead to the cave itself.
  • The village of Bolshoi Goloustnoye with a population of approximately 700 people is located on the same bank of the Goloustnaya River (derived from the words "bare mouth", that is, not covered by forest). The St. Nicholas Church is located in the village, and in the vicinity of interest is the natural monument Sukhoe Lake, a relic poplar grove and the Okhotnichya cave. We also recommend visiting the path to the Holy Mountain.


Steep slope
The Bears

Other information

  • A shop is operating in the village of Bolshie Koty (work is irregular in winter). You can also find a place to sleep, there are a sufficient number of camp sites. There are no cafes and restaurants.
  • Shops and cafes are located in the village of Bolshoy Goloustnoye. Here you can stay for the night with both locals and one of the tourist camps.
  • Cellular communication on the trail is irregular. In the village of Bolshiye Koty, only Tele2, MTS's connection catches well
* Booklets are intended for tourists and are distributed free of charge. Use of information (text, maps, tracks, etc.) of this page and booklets only with the permission of the Big Baikal Trail Association. Sale of booklets and use for advertising is prohibited.