Test Path

Previously, improvement projects took place here, mainly to clear the trail. BBT projects resumed in 2015. Volunteers sawed fallen trees at the fire site and built a serpentine section to the stream. It is planned to continue the serpentine to the very top so that the path runs at a more convenient angle for ascending and descending.
0-900 метров
Height difference

How to get there

to the village of Ust-Barguzin
from Ulan-Ude by minibus (travel time - more than 3 hours)
to the trail
From the village of Ust-Barguzin to the beginning of the trail (Glinka area) can be reached either on foot (more than 30 km one way), or by personal vehicle (permission to travel to the park is required - you can get it on the cordon at the entrance). You can also use the services of local private carriers or contact the Department of Tourism and Recreation FSBI Zapovednoe Podlemorye

Having passed the bridge over the Barguzin River, you should turn off the asphalt road to the dirt road. A dirt road leads from the checkpoint of the national park along the isthmus of the Holy Nose Peninsula. Before the start of the mountainous part of the peninsula, turn left - towards the area called Glinka. At the beginning of the trail there is an information board.

Trail description

Once again we want to draw your attention to the fact that this trail is of a high category of difficulty and is intended for well-trained tourists! However, the trail is very picturesque and passable for one day (round trip).

The first part of the trail is quite gentle and goes through the forest. After a couple of kilometers, a very steep climb begins, the overcoming of which requires a lot of effort and time. After the main ascent, the trail leads to the Cross observation platform. In fine weather, it offers a beautiful view of the Chivyrkuy and Barguzinsky bays, the isthmus of the peninsula with Lake Arangatuy.

If you wish (and most importantly, the availability of strength), you can continue your journey along the crest of the mountain to one of the tops of the plateau (more than 1800 m). Despite the apparent proximity, the Cross is only half the way to the top.

Please note that other trails branch off the ridge. If you turn off the route, you run the risk of getting lost.

What you can see on the trail

  • During the ascent, you can enjoy the landscapes of the Holy Nose Peninsula. Once it was the largest mountainous island on Lake Baikal, but the Bolshoi Chivyrkuy and Barguzin rivers washed sand for a long time, creating a flat stretch of land between the island and the mainland. The marsh isthmus is a nesting site for birds, including the white-tailed eagle. In the center of the isthmus there is a large lake Arangatuy, connected by channels to Lake Baikal.
  • From the observation deck of the peninsula, you can see the views of the mountainous part of the peninsula covered with alpine vegetation - cedar dwarf thickets.
  • Unfortunately, the peninsula was severely damaged by forest fires. Be careful with fire, refrain from making bonfires, and if you lit a fire, be sure to put out the fire. Cigarette butts should be put up for example, a tin can and, along with other garbage, taken with you. Even one unlit cigarette can cause a serious fire that will destroy a large area of the forest.


Steep slope
The Bears

Other information

  • Please note that only at the beginning of the trail is there access to drinking water. We recommend that you take at least 2 liters of water per person. On a hot sunny day, water consumption increases.
  • The nearest medical center and shop are in the village of Ust Barguzin (more than 30 km from the beginning of the trail).
  • Cellular communication on the trail is irregular.
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