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Trail to the Cave Chapel

Despite its remoteness from the settlements, the trail was popular. A fairly steep slope of the last section crumbled and was dangerous for tourists. In search of new ways, visitors clutched at the roots and branches of plants, trampled down the slope. For two years, volunteers of the Great Baikal Trail built steps and serpentines, installed signs and information stands. Now the Chapel Cave has become more accessible and safer to visit, and the vegetation on the slope has recovered.
0-100 метров
Height difference

Visiting Rules

Attention! To visit the park and set up tents, a permit is required, which can be obtained from the administration of the FSBI Zapovednoye Pribaikalye in Irkutsk, in a forestry in Listvyanka or in Bolshoi Goloustnoye
FBSU "Preserved Baikal" Irkutsk, st. Baikalskaya, d. 291 B
+7 (3952) 350-615, +7 (3952) 350-662

Listvyanskoe lesnichestvo pos. Listvyanka, st. Gorky 2
+7 (3952) 659-210

Pribaikalsky forestry village. Bolshoy Goloustnoe, st. Sverdlova, 40
+7 (914) 876-66-72

How to get there

Option 1
The beginning of the trail is located in the Malaya Kadilnaya paddy - in a distance from the nearest settlements. You can come to the beginning of the trail from the villages of Listvyanka, Bolshie Koty and Bolshoi Goloustnoye (more than 30 km from Listvyanka or Bolshoi Goloustnoye).
See the description of the Listvyanka - Big Cats and Big Cats - Big Golowsnoe trails.
Option 2
Another possibility is to get to the beginning of the trail by water. Unfortunately, there are no scheduled flights to the beginning of the trail (except for the high-speed vessel cruising between Irkutsk, Listvyanka and the village of Bolshie Koty - In the villages you can contact local residents and order a motor boat or a boat like Yaroslavets. Please note that renting a boat on Baikal can be quite expensive.

Trail description

  • In the Malaya Kadilnaya Paddy you need to follow a distinct path to the glen and turn right at the fork. After a while, on the left side of the glen, the ascent to the cave begins (wooden steps and serpentine)
  • The cave can be reached through a low and gradually narrowing entrance. The cave itself is quite spacious and is an oval-shaped hall measuring 8 × 12 meters.

What you can see on the trail

  • The flora of the Pribaikalsky National Park is diverse. On the way to the cave, you can see the bright orange flowers of the Asian Bathhouse, white - Baikal anemone, blue - Gentians and even the local Edelweiss variety. Many plants are listed in the Red Book, and their collection in the park is prohibited. We urge you to leave this beauty to other visitors.
  • Chapel Cave is one of several caves in the Malaya Kadilnaya Padi, a natural monument of regional importance. Absolutely small in area, the cave has a through opening in the upper part of the vault. Here, scientists discovered traces of the habitation of ancient people: bone and iron arrowheads, iron knives, horn onions, ornamented fragments of pottery, animal bones. The cave arch leaves obliquely upward and at an altitude of about 20 meters ends with a through opening. Sunlight penetrates through the opening, but precipitation does not fall. Apparently, people of the early period of the Iron Age considered this very convenient for living. In 1865, the scientist P. Kropotkin discovered here the bones and skulls of people, one of which was with traces of violent death. Perhaps the cave was used for burial. Unfortunately, some visitors are irresponsible about this natural monument. Please do not leave inscriptions and take garbage with you.
  • Limestone outcrops of Cape Bolshaya Kadilnaya. At 40 minutes (3 km) from the Malaya Kadilnaya paddy, the cordon of the Pribaikalsky National Park is located, where the state inspector is constantly living. The name "Censer" comes from the old Russian word "censer" - to burn lime. Near the cordon is an abandoned limestone quarry.


Steep slope
The Bears

Other information

  • Remember that to the nearest settlements more than 15 km along the trail. Emergency telephone number 112
  • Cellular communication on the shore of Lake Baikal is irregular and disappears on the way to the cave
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