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Mica adit trail

This trail was laid back in the 30s by prisoners of the camp in the Gulag system. By means of the BBT volunteers, together with the School of Tourism and Ecological Education (STEO), the trail was cleared of fallen trees.
0-250 метров
Height difference

Visiting Rules

No permission is required to visit this trail. Please be careful with the fire and take the trash with you.

How to get there

to Severobaykalsk
  • by train from Irkutsk or other cities
  • by plane from Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk to Nizhneangarsk (travel time about 1.5 hours)
to the trail
You can get to the start of the trail by private car, regular bus, or use the services of carriers in Severobaykalsk. A regular bus runs between Severobaikalsky and the village of Baikalskoye, which leaves twice a day. Departure at 8 am and 5 pm from the forecourt. It is worth stopping the bus in the area of Slyudyansk lakes. The trail begins on the road.

Trail description

A very picturesque trail involves a short climb of 1.7 km. A beautiful view of the surroundings opens from above.

Attention! Do not collect mica from the ground. This mineral consists of many small needle-shaped particles that can remain on the fingers. If you accidentally touch your eyes, you may be seriously injured!

What you can see on the trail

  • Slyudyansk lakes were once the Bay of Baikal, but separated from the lake by a pebble scythe. The lakes are not deep, so the water in them is much warmer than the Baikal. This is a favorite place for relaxing and swimming.
  • The flora of northern Baikal is surprisingly diverse. There is a coastal form of cedar dwarf, usually growing in the mountains. Undergrowth is formed by marsh rosemary and lingonberry. The soil is covered with lichen. Remember that a lichen carpet is a very fragile ecosystem and takes a very long time to recover. Follow existing paths.
  • The place of the former camp in the Gulag system of Boguchan. From 1927 to 1933, prisoners were engaged in the extraction of mica. Abandoned mica adits have survived and are now not far from Slyudyansk lakes. A very picturesque well-preserved trail, built by prisoners and cleared of fallen trees by volunteers (1700 m), goes to the galleries
  • In 2017, the forest surrounding the trail was badly damaged by fires.


Steep slope
The Bears

Other information

  • Cellular communication on the trail may be irregular.
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