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In the wilds of Hamar-Daban

BBT annually carries out several projects to equip the trail along the Osinovka River. Through the efforts of volunteers, a route was laid to the alpine meadows. The Baikal Reserve conducts excursions here. This is one of the best examples of the development of ecological tourism on Lake Baikal.
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Visiting Rules

Attention! A visit to the "Into the Wilds of Khamar-Daban" trail is possible with the permission of the administration of the Baikal Reserve. There is a special nature conservation regime in the territory.
The Republic of Buryatia, Kabansky district, p. Tankhoy, st. Krasnogvardeiskaya, 34
+7 (301 38) 93-7-41,

How to get there

to tanhoy
  • by minibus (Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude) (departure from the railway station of Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude);
  • by train or train to the "Tankhoy" station, schedule on the website
before the trail
from the railway station, go up towards the Moscow highway, and then to the sign "Baikal Reserve", move up the road to the central estate of the reserve. The trail begins to the right of the estate.

Trail description

The first kilometer of the trail (the entire route is 12 km) passes in the reserve zone of the reserve along the Kedrovaya Alley (strip of natural cedar forest), then the trail descends into the floodplain of the Osinovka River, crosses it and continues along the left coastal terrace with a gradual climb.

After half a kilometer, the trail crosses the border of the reserve and then goes along its territory. The route runs along the steep slopes of a river valley. About a kilometer from the border of the reserve, the trail goes to the first hibernation, where a place for rest is equipped. One kilometer from the hibernation upstream is one of the main attractions of the route - Osinovsky Falls, its height is 3.5 meters.

Having passed many streams, the trail approaches the bridge over Osinovka. The floodplain of the river here is quite wet, so immediately after the bridge the trail runs along the wooden flooring. In the upper reaches of the river, the valley becomes wider, more often there are vast meadows that pass into high mountain meadows. It offers a beautiful view of the peaks of Hamar-Daban. The trail ends at the Bear Corner hut, set up in 2012.

What you can see on the trail

  • Tankhoy is a small village with a population of about 1000 people, a station of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The administration of the Baikal Reserve is located in Tankhoy.
  • In the central estate of the reserve you can visit the exhibition "Baikal in the palm of your hand", the Museum of Nature, an ethnographic town and a souvenir shop. There is also a visit center and a bathhouse. The reserve offers excursions, accommodation and transport services.
  • From the reserve there is an excursion ring trail "Cedar Alley" (birds of this route), which is suitable for wheelchair users.
  • The waterfall on the Osinovka River is certainly one of the most attractive attractions of the route.
  • Hamar-Daban is the oldest mountain range of the planet, stretching from west to east for more than 350 km. The highest point of the ridge is the city of Khan-Ula (2371 m). The northern part of Khamar-Daban is the wettest place in the Baikal region (about 1200 mm of precipitation per year). Wet, warm summers and high snow cover in winter create favorable conditions for plant life. Many relics and endemic plants grow here.


Steep slope
The Bears

Other information

  • You can spend the night in Tankhoi in the Visitor Information Center of the Baikal Reserve. There are shops in the village.
  • During the trip, do not count on the cellular signal - it is interrupted soon after crossing the border of the reserve.
  • In Tankhoi there is an emergency medical service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations "Disaster Medicine".
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