Projects for volunteers

We've been building the Great Baikal Trail ever since 2003 —
and we've created the first national system of trails in all of Russia.

What exactly is an eco-trail? Well, for starters, it's truly a feat of engineering. A good trail must have a solid base, with strong supporting walls, good drainage, and bridges and other bypasses—as well as stairs for the steeper climbs. It must have all the elements that will make it both safe and trouble-free for hikers. Each trail should have rest spots along the way, with places for camping and campfires. At regular intervals there should be informational signs and interpretive displays.

An Eco-Trail:
Minimizes impact
on the environment
Promotes the sustainable development of region
Helps create new jobs for local residents

\When you volunteer, you are really making your own contribution towards protecting
our environment!

Projects 2020
The Kadalinski cliff towers
A Natural Monument in the Zabaikalski Region
Learn More
The Uitag natural monument
In the Russian Republic of Khakassia
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Pribaikalski national park
Region of Irkutsk
July and August
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Baikalski national nature reserve
Republic of Buryatia
July and August
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Helping create the first regional park
in The Vityaz
Region of Irkutsk
July, August and September
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