GBT Project Contributions

Many volunteer organizations do not receive stable funding. Often they don't even have sponsors, and all their activities are paid for from the contributions of volunteers. There is funding in the form of grants, but, as a rule, this is only for part of the projects or for one specific project, and such financing tends to end.

Since 2005, a participation fee has been introduced on our projects, which allowed us to carry out projects every year, regardless of funding.

If you look at what the contribution to the international BBT project includes, this is, firstly, high-quality preparation of projects. We agree with the SPAs on the implementation of projects, conclude agreements, conduct explorations before starting projects, train specialists, organize camps, collect and process information, post it on the website, communicate with volunteers, prepare a cultural program, purchase products before the project, and so on.

Secondly, there are direct costs associated with the stay of a volunteer in the camp:
  • transfer from the collection point to the project venue and departure back;
  • payment for accommodation at the hostel on the last day of the project;
  • the work of the team leader and translator.

Until 2018, volunteers paid for meals. In this, 2019, food is partially paid for by the Presidential Grants Fund.

For projects, we provide free of charge the necessary group equipment, tools, tents.

Each organization has the right to set its own conditions for participation in projects, we try our best to reduce the costs of volunteers, but for now, contributions are an opportunity for stable implementation of all BBT projects.

We sincerely thank those who choose our projects!